A reading analysis

  1. Read: https://public.wsu.edu/~hughesc/dillard_weasel.htm
  2. In at least 20 words, describe Dillard’s introduction. Was it general to specific? Was it specific to general? Be as specific as possible in describing her strategy.
  3. In at least 50 words, describe the singular personal experience Dillard describes in this essay. What happened to her? What “show” details does she use to describe what happened to her?
  4. In at least 100 words, describe how Dillard analyzes that one experience. What meaning does she create out of it? How does she make the experience about more than just herself or weasels?
  5. In at least 20 words, describe Dillard’s conclusion. How does she emphasize the essay’s overall point? How does she appeal to the readers’ emotions? How does she make the purpose of the essay resonate with you?
  6. FREEWRITE for 10 minutes: Describe an experience you have had about which you could write an essay like Dillard’s. Was there an animal encounter you had? A moment in the wild somewhere? An argument with someone you love? A time you felt unsafe? A time you let go of something you really loved? What was living that moment like for you? And what do you think that experience means? Could its meaning be bigger than you and that lived moment?

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