A jazz artist or band.

  1. Choose a jazz artist or band. The artist can be living or dead.
  2. Research their life and music career.
  3. Create 20 interview questions. In this interview, you are answering the questions as if the answers were coming straight from the artist mouth. You are the interviewer. Example below:
    This would be me interviewing Lady Day (Billie Holiday)
    Prof. Ledbetter: What prompted you to wear a Gardenia in your hair when you performed?
    Lady Day: I first started wear the flower in my hair after I accidentally burn the side of my hair out with curling tongs. I was about to go on stage and I spotted a girl outside the front of the club selling flowers. I bought some to cover up the hair loss that I had suffered from the burns. From that point on I kept wearing Gardenias in my hair.

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