A Critical Review of a Child’s Observation

A Critical Review of a Child’s Observation

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I am a Masters student in early childhood education and I am required to critically review an observation of a child on her “early emotional developments”. Using Erik Erikson’s theory of emotional and psychological developments, particularly his first stage of child development.
This also includes an engagement with books and articles to provide a critical analysis.
Please find attached the plan for the case study for the writer to follow. I have also attached a copy of the observation of the child with all necessary details for the writer to use. Please appropriately quote some parts of the observation to support your argument. I have also attached 2 pdf documents, which are articles for the writer to use as appropriate. Please use references provided in the plan as we are required to use them in our university.

Please use adequate referencing style and use page numbers. Do not use “general” websites, only appropriate academic references.

Note: I AM NOT THE OBSERVER OR THE MOTHER OF THE CHILD, I HAVE CHOSEN THIS OBSERVATION FROM A COLLEAGUE OF MINE. so do not speak as the observer of the mother or even a participant. (Refer to the child as “the observed child”, and the mother as the “mother of the child”, and the observer as “the observer”).

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