A communication plan

Create a communication plan
On July 1st, citizenM will be opening their 4th hotel in Paris. The Hotel will be our most central hotel and just off
the world famous Champs-Elysees. This is a hotel that truly plays into our mantra Affordable Luxury.
Like most hotel launch campaigns, we will create buzz around the opening through a brand campaign, pr and
social content. This will support the brand awareness of the hotel, that inturn will lead to conversion through our
e-commerce activities.
Looking at the citizenM Marketing funnel approach below, can you create a full timeline of the various
(distribution) channels, sharing with us what you believe we should communicate when, and what the goal is of
that communication. Please keep in mind that we do activities prior to the opening and after the opening, so
please add that to your timeline.
With this hotel we would like to attract both guests for our rooms, and visitors for our livingroom and cloudM

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