“15 Steps to Good Research”

Directions for Writing 300 words

• What is the leading research question that drives the text? In other words, what is the person trying to “figure out?”
• Describe in detail the steps this person takes to answer the question. What specific strategies are implemented to track down the answers the individual seeks? How many and which steps did this individual take that are outlined in the Georgetown University source, “15 Steps to Good Research” (located in Module Readings)?
• Discuss the individual’s use of source material. In other words, where does the person’s investigation take him or her? What sources are used to find the answers to the questions?
• Discuss the conclusions that the person comes to. Did they answer their question? If so, what was the answer and how did they arrive at that answer? If not, how do they deal with the ambiguity of not finding a solid place to land? If their question has no definitive answer, how do they conclude their research?

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